The Home Page for Everyone

Eeveryone gets a page they can go to every time they go to the web. A page that takes them everywhere they want to go. Drag and drop any of the apps we  offer. Email, Store, Calendar, News, in all the places you want without having type is out. A page that is truly yours and not only is free but a page you can earn money by just using it.

Donate or invest and let's have fun and enjoy life.

The New eCommerce Concept for local businesses

Is Amazon or Amazon like eCommerce site the only answer? 

Our new ecommerce concept is different. It takes into consideration local entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Something that does not exist with today's models. 

Local Currency

What is local currency? 

Local currency is an compilation of several apps, it includes full shopping services, renting, auctions, booking, buying and selling, business to consumer, consumer to consumers, and automated coupons, discounts. Use it like the dollar, in place of the dollar, because it is worth more when you use it to buy goods and services in your community.

A rare find, Post COVID-19 perfect getaway to peacefully and safely work from home.

Rare Find in North Carolina 123 +/- Acres that has 12 +/- Acre Lake and 4,000 feet +/- of River frontage on the Deep River its tucked away in Gulf NC which is located 30 to 45 minutes away from Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Greensboro, Fort Bragg and Fayetteville.

Delivery as a Service

Delivery as a Service (DaaS) promises to empower all local businesses with delivery services. 

DaaS sets a new standard for delivery. It can deliver food, goods, services, people and more, It will cost less, drivers draw a fair pay, and restaurants don't lose money. 

Real Estate Investment in North Carolina

50 acres montain side property planned for 40 parcels of land for home and roads. 

Town water eliminates drilling for water a savings avaraging $10,000 per home.

Your invenstment can buy portions of parcels of land or can buy full parcels wich in such case you can be eligible for the deed. If deeded to you, you will be able to resell it any time for profit, 


iFoodiac is a search engine you will trust and helps you find your favorite eats, On iFoodiac, the restaurants control their menus and their online ordering and delivery apps,  Order with confidence you are helping your favorite restaurants stay in business. 


A loyalty app that stands above all others. Complete anonymity, it can be used on products and services.  

All you have to do at time of payment present the QRCode generated by the app. The cashier will check it with our system and you will be notified whether your lunch or oil change is free.