Pinch Fund

What types of funding you can apply for

How PinchInvest.com works

PinchInvest plans to make its mark as a place where no idea is turned away and where friends in force help “uplift” those who don’t have a large audience of their own. Each section of the site has friends in force endorsements, and those friends help pick and choose projects they think are worthy of more attention.

Here are PinchInvest.com we can help you fund anything. You don't need customers, traction, or initial investments,  You don't have videos, just a compelling pitch deck, enough to tell your story that convinces your investors. 

In most cases all funds will be distributed directly to the applicant, In some case, we hold the funds in our account and in some case your will be secured to a bank escrow account.

If you need to have a merchant account to accept money, Paypal or Stripe are convenient and cheap. Please contact us for a list of all possible merchant services we can work with. 

It is your responsibility for all reporting to all governments authorities. 

All we do is build and host the web pages with your bid and that is all we charge for, which you don't have to pay until you start receiving funds or donations. 

Fund your  


do you have an idea you need money to develop? if yes, we can help. Tell us about it, We can help you get in front of a virtual focus group where you can discuss your idea without revealing your secrets. 


Whether you have a tech, a service or a manufacturing start-up you can start here to raise the funds you need